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Questions and answers on changes to Glen Ridge Soccer

Last week, GRAA and Glen Ridge Soccer Club shared the exciting news that we are expanding and restructuring our soccer program for the fall. Our in-town program will now be open to children in grades PreK to 6 (the current program only goes through 2nd grade). Our travel program will become more competitive, seeking to play in higher flights.

Below you will find some questions and answers we’ve put together to explain more about the changes. If you have a question, please send it to and we will try to answer those questions next week. Please remember: Travel tryouts will be held the week of June 12. You can register here:


Question: What grades and ages will in-town soccer be available to?

Answer: The program will be open to players enrolled in pre-k through 6th grade. For players in 7th or 8th grade, travel will be available.

Question: Will teams be formed based on grade level?

Answer: We plan to form teams based on the following groupings: Pre-K/K, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th and 5th/6th. However, that could change slightly; it will ultimately depend on the total number of players registered per each grouping.

Question: How many players will be on each team?

Answer: This also will depend on the total number of players registered and how many teams we can form. In general we will form teams as balanced as possible based on the following:

  • PreK/K: 5v5 6-8 players a team

  • 1st/2nd: 5v5 6-8 players a team

  • 3rd/4th: 7v7 8-10 players a team

  • 5th/6th: 8v8 10-12 players a team

Question: What is the time commitment required?

Answer: One game and one practice a week. Practice and game schedules will be worked out closer to the start of the season and we will look to schedule around other sports and activities as best we can.

Question: How many games will they play?

Answer: For each age bracket, there will be a total of 8 scheduled games plus a playoff game at the end.

Question: Will boys and girls be on same teams?

Answer: This will ultimately depend on how many players register. If we need to combine due to number of players, we will only do this within the prek/k and 1st/2nd grade age brackets.

Question: Who will coach the in-town teams?

Answer: Parent volunteers will coach the in-town teams but professional trainers will handle weekly training sessions.

Question: Will travel players also play in-town soccer?

Answer: In-town soccer will be open to everyone. We will be encouraging travel players to play in-town as their schedules permit. However, we will pay close attention to in-town rosters so we avoid creating unbalanced teams.

Question: Will the in-town teams have to purchase uniforms?

Answer: We have secured a uniform vendor to supply our in-town teams with a uniform and the cost of this will be included in the registration price.

Question: My child hasn’t played soccer before. Is that a problem?

Answer: All in-town players will have technical training sessions once a week run by our professional training partners, and all teams will be evenly balanced based on varying degrees of skills.


Question: How will my child's abilities be measured during the tryout?

Answer: The tryout will consist of small-sided scrimmages run by our professional training partners who will be evaluating each player in four domains: mentality, technical, tactical and physicality.

Question: Who decides which children make the team?

Answer: The Glen Ridge Soccer Board will review the notes from the professional trainers and make final decisions.

Question: If my child is unable to attend the tryout, will travel still be an option?

Answer: Parents should make every effort to have their child at the tryout. However, we know schedules can be hectic and will offer a make up day during the following week of the 19th.

Question: When will I find out if my child made it?

Answer: We will be reviewing the results and will notify parents within 2 weeks of the tryouts.

Question: Will there be an A team and a B team?

Answer: No, we will only be supporting one team per gender per age group.

Question: When do travel practices start?

Answer: Travel training will start the week before school starts in late August. Details will be distributed well in advance.

Question: What if my child is not offered a spot on the travel team?

Answer: The in-town program is open to all players at all skill levels and will provide your child with the training and experience to improve his or her soccer skills.

Question: If my child makes the travel team, am I also committing him or her to play in the spring?

Answer: While it is strongly encouraged that your child also play in the spring, we realize that there are other sport commitments. We will be evaluating players in the in-town program and will likely hold another evaluation for players not selected for fall to try out for the spring.

Question: How many training sessions will there be?

Answer: In-town teams will train once per week and travel teams will train twice a week in the fall and the spring.

Question: Will parents still be the coaches?

Answer: Yes, there will be at least one parent coach and one trainer per team. Trainers will be attending as many games as possible and will assist parent coaches with lineups, pre-game warmups and team talks.

Question: My child plays club soccer, will he or she be able to participate in travel?

Answer: Yes, however they may not be able to make all the training but are strongly encouraged to attend at least one session per week if schedules permit.

Question: What is the travel tryout schedule and where can I register?

Answer: All of that information is on our website: