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January 2022 Covid Update

As we return from our holiday break, and in light of the current Omicron surge, the GRAA would like to update you on our current COVID-19 guidelines. 

·       Athletes, coaches, parents, siblings and others should stay home if ill with COVID-19, cold or flu like symptoms.

·       If your student athlete is not permitted to attend school because of a COVID related issue, they are also not allowed to participate in GRAA sporting events (this includes both practices and games, both indoors and outdoors).  When the school has cleared the student athlete to resume in-school learning, they can resume activities with their team.

·       If a coach or parent has tested positive for COVID, they are not permitted to attend team events until they have completed the quarantine period (at present, 5 days quarantine from the date of testing positive). They are then required to wear a mask for 5 days from the end of quarantine.

·       Outdoor winter sports: We highly encourage all student athletes, coaches, and spectators to wear masks. Coaches and commissioners may require their players wear masks on the bench or field of play as appropriate.

·       Indoor winter sports: All student athletes who are on the sidelines waiting to enter a game MUST wear masks.  For those athletes on the field of play, masks are optional but highly recommended.  Coaches and spectators must always wear masks. Coaches and commissioners may require their players wear masks on the field of play if appropriate.

·       Anyone attending an indoor or outdoor GRAA event who lives with someone who is COVID positive, but who is not required to quarantine themselves, must always wear a mask.

·       We encourage regular handwashing (soap and water or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol), upon arrival and departure from the sports event. Try to avoid spitting, handshakes, high-fives, and team huddles. Please bring your own water and drinks as the use of team water coolers is not allowed.

As COVID evolves so will our guidelines.  We will update you as needed with any guideline changes. Please email with any questions.

Play hard and play safe. 

GRAA Board

Shawn Atkinson
Gildo Corradi
Matthew DeLuca
Jen Powers
Charles Ornstein
Greg Morvillo
Paul Di Cicco
Lindsay Trimble
Harneet Pasricha 



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The Glen Ridge Athletic Association is a volunteer organization, which sponsors, organizes and promotes organized sports activities for the children of Glen Ridge.

The organization is committed to providing the children of Glen Ridge with the opportunity to participate in and enjoy organized sports regardless of their level of ability. The organization also is committed to providing the more advanced athlete the opportunity to participate at a more serious level of play.

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