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If your child misses school for illness...

They must also miss practice/game that same day


Any player or parent/guardian who is upset with a coach, for any reason, should wait 24 hours before approaching any coach, sport commissioner or GRAA sport liaison with complaints. This rule is intended to let parents and coaches have a cooling/calming down period. After that time, the first thing to do is to discuss the problem with the coach or assistant coach. If necessary, the sport commissioner and/or board sport liaison may be included. It is the GRAA board’s opinion that, after waiting the required period of time, everyone will be able to discuss any issue in a calmer, more professional manner. Please visit for contact info


If you have a question on any particular sport please go to our CONTACT page and send a message to the Commissioner of your child's sport or GRAA Board member

Welcome to the Glen Ridge Athletic Association

The Glen Ridge Athletic Association is a volunteer organization, which sponsors, organizes and promotes organized sports activities for the children of Glen Ridge regardless of their level of ability. The organization also is committed to providing the more advanced athlete the opportunity to participate at a more serious level of play.

GRAA programs are open to all residents of Glen Ridge and others who are students in the Glen Ridge School System.


Read the full Winter GRAA Newsletter

Attn: GRHS Seniors!

If you participated in GRAA in the past and continued to give back while in high school, you may apply for the GRAA Scholarship!

Applications are available on The GRHS Guidance Scholarship Webpage and Senior Guidance Google Classroom.

And The Survey Says?

If your child participated in a GRAA Winter sport, please check your email for a survey link. We'd love to hear from you!

Surveys close 3/31/23!

Annual Free Football Clinic + Parents Clinic

Register Now for the Free Red Dog Youth Football Clinic/Skills Combine & Parents Clinic on 4/15/23. Click here for more info

Developmental & Festival Soccer

Registration now open for

Developmental: Preschool through 2nd Grade.

Festival: 2015 and 2016 birth years only

For more info and to register click here

The GRAA Board of Directors is seeking a new Director of Governance.  While being a member of the GRAA Board, direct responsibilities include coordinating with other Board members to create the Board meeting agenda(s), monitor ongoing initiatives and recording and distributing Board meeting minutes. 

Each board member serves a specific function ranging from financial oversight to community outreach to field management and more. 

As GRAA continues to grow, we are in need of another passionate individual that will also focus on ensuring GRAA continues to remain efficient, while also remaining focused on our commitment to serve the Glen Ridge community.

If you wish to be considered for a role on the GRAA Board please fill out this form. The deadline to apply is Sunday, March 19 at 11:59 pm.

If you have a question, please email:

Greg Morvillo

Vice President

Thank you,

GRAA Board

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Find out how to sync your GRAA team to Google Calendar or your mobile phone

If your child misses school for illness...

They must also miss practice/game that same day