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If you have a question on any particular sport please go to our CONTACT page and send a message to the Commissioner of your child's sport or GRAA Board member

Welcome to the Glen Ridge Athletic Association

The Glen Ridge Athletic Association is a volunteer organization, which sponsors, organizes and promotes organized sports activities for the children of Glen Ridge regardless of their level of ability. The organization also is committed to providing the more advanced athlete the opportunity to participate at a more serious level of play.

GRAA programs are open to all residents of Glen Ridge and others who are students in the Glen Ridge School System.


GRAA Girls Volleyball Tryouts

This year we are creating one (or two) travel team(s) to compete in the local Suburban Essex League. The league typically has 8-10 local towns that participate. Travel team players will be selected based on their performance during the evaluation.  Click here for more info and to register

Festival and Developmental registration is now open

Festival is available for children born in 2015 and 2016. Festival provides a competitive 4v4 playing environment for kids who are not old enough for the 7v7 Travel leagues.

Children will compete in six to eight festivals- weekend 4v4 events, most held within a 30-minute drive from GR. We also intend to host one or two Festivals here in town. 

GRAA Developmental Soccer is open to all Glen Ridge Kids in Pre-K through 2nd grades who are not currently enrolled in our travel or festival soccer program.

We are also offering a mini clinic for kids in preschool and not yet enrolled in Forest, Linden or Central school. Please select the pre-school option on the registration.


The GR Red Dogs have some exciting events coming up. Check out all the details here!